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    BricksExtras – Premium Bricks Builder Addon 1.5.1

    Last Update:

    BricksExtras is a growing library of elements & features, with a strong focus on accessibility, flexibility and opening up more possibilities of what you can build with Bricks.

    Features BricksExtras WordPress Plugin

    • Back to Top
    • Before / After Image
    • Burger Trigger
    • Content Switcher
    • Content Timeline
    • Dynamic Chart
    • Dynamic Lightbox
    • Dynamic Table
    • Fluent Form
    • Header Search
    • Interactive Cursor
    • Image Hotspots
    • Lottie Animations
    • Modal
    • Notification Bar
    • OffCanvas
    • Popovers / Tooltips
    • Pro Alert
    • Pro Slider
    • Pro Slider Control
    • Reading Progress Bar
    • Read More / Less
    • Shortcode Wrapper
    • Slide Menu
    • Star Rating
    • Table of Contents
    • Toggle Switch

    Free BricksExtras WordPress Plugin

    Note: Please scan virus or malware before using. BricksExtras – Premium Bricks Builder Addon are for testing and evaluation purposes, not for commercial use. If you want to use a script in production, buy it.

    Live Preview BricksExtras WordPress Plugin

    Download Bricks Extras Plugin Free


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